Conan Exiles is delaying mounts, pets, settlements, and sorcery to make its May 8 launch


Funcom is forging ahead with its plans to launch Conan Exiles for real and for true on all the things come May 8th. And, as the latest dev blog explains, to make that date, the company’s probably going to cut some features from that launch build.

“In the past couple of months, we’ve had to make some serious decisions as to what will be in for launch,” says the studio. “We’ve been going through every aspect of the game (including things still in development) and we have evaluated everything based on a range of criteria. Some features or content simply ended up not being good enough, some things have ended up not making sense for the game, some things have been replaced with other features and content, while some things just turned out to be out of reach from a technical or development capacity standpoint.”

So what’s in? The swamp and volcano biomes, the double-size world, the revamped combat system, fast travel, the new HUD and UI updates, the farming system, a new religion, the perk system, war paint, and the Purge mechanics that send NPCs to attack your base even when you’re asleep (so better deploy some solid defenses!).

What’s out, at least for launch? Mounts and pets, the settlement system, and the originally pitched sorcery system, the last of which will need some hefty reworking before it’s considered again.

Source: Official site. Thanks, Tanek!
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