Ultima Online continues testing free-to-play patch

Fun is sometimes relative.

Can you smell it? The sweet scent of spring is in the air — and free-to-play trials as well! Ultima Online is on the verge of offering its “Endless Journey” option for new and returning players who don’t want to pony up for a full subscription cost.

The long-running fantasy MMORPG started testing the second version of its Publish 99 last week, resolving some issues and adding specific restrictions for free-to-play accounts.

Endless Journey players cannot claim veteran rewards, holiday gifts, or place housing, for starters. There are a lot of limitations on carving out a space for yourself in this virtual world, so don’t expect F2P accounts to own homes, place vendors, create guilds, or access mailboxes. F2P gamers will also be forbidden from rolling up toons on the Siege Perilous and Mugen servers.

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