Over 2,000,000 people have now registered accounts for Star Citizen


Star Citizen hit another milestone this week: It’s reached 2,000,000 citizens. Accounts, specifically.

The game has been in production since before its Kickstarter launched almost six years ago. According to the official funding stats, the game has raised over $181,000,000 in crowdfunds from donors and pre-order ship sales. It broke a million citizens back in 2015.

What might be behind the recent surge that’s making numerologists rejoice? It might be the new ship sale announced on Friday, which brings back a bunch of older concept ships – for the last time, they swear – at an inflated price, with the promise that they’re actually coming in the next update.

Or it could be the studio’s ruminations on a pivot to releasing a minimum viable – and playable – product; last week, CIG posted a backer-only poll inquiring about the critical features the studio ought to work on first.

Source: Official site, Reddit. We’ve amended the title to make it clear that these are registered accounts, not necessarily backers.
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