TERA’s Godsfall update hits PC on April 17, En Masse runs down console bugs

[AL:TERA]PC players, heads up: TERA is launching Godsfall next week on April 17th. En Masse is calling it “one of the most significant updates of the year” with new abilities for the Berserker, Brawler, Lancer, Warrior, Mystic, Priest and Slayer classes dubbed “Apex” skills.

“Nothing lasts forever in the world of TERA, not even its mighty gods. The Godsfall update introduces a time-traveling story quest, available to level 65 characters of the seven chosen classes with an item level of 439 or higher, taking players back through time to defeat the powerful dragon Khemadia. Players will find themselves facing their own personal demons as they progress through the quests, including their Temper, Self-Doubt, and Guilt in this god-killing, time-traveling mission.”

Not one of those classes? You’ll be waiting for your own update later in 2018.

As for the console side, En Mass is contending with the brand-new challenge of identifying and fixing bugs that have an impact on the gameplay experience on consoles. If the bug is a sound playing slightly out-of-sync when your character runs, for example, that’s not a big deal. If the bug is that you can die in a dungeon then find yourself unable to resurrect in any way, that is… a significant bug. And that’s among the list of week-one issues, so this will be fun.¬†Other major issues include trophies not being awarded properly for PS4 players, getting logged onto servers with no characters, and the minimap freezing completely. While there are no solutions currently offered for any of these issues and some (the minimap one in particular) can be fixed only with a reboot, it helps to know that at least these issues are affecting other people and are being addressed as quickly as possible.

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