Dead Rivals infects mobile with its zombie MMOARPG


Need a quick zombie fix on your mobile device but still crave the MMORPG approach? Gameloft, no stranger to whipping up knockoffs of hit video games, may have the answer for you in its newly launched Dead Rivals.

Dead Rivals marries action, a post-apocalyptic landscape, and MMORPG-style quests for an interesting experience. While it only has three classes, the pocket title does offer up base building, PvP, NPC factions, and a whole lot of crafting.

“Gameloft’s new title is the first of its kind, a mobile zombie MMO. It blends fast-paced action and classic MMORPG adventuring to create a thrilling, undead action RPG,” the studio said. “Survival is a constant struggle. So, to increase your chances in both PVP and PVE challenges, you must research, craft, and improve facilities and your character’s unique class weapons.”

The game is available on iOS, Android, and PC. Check out the trailer after the break!


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It looks like a straight out Fortnite clone in the description, but it actually is a bit different than what it looks and sounds to be. It’s far more fun than what you might imagine most mobile titles to be as well, and yet they didn’t make enough of the world and story content yet so far.

You can do all of the main open MMORPG like levels without worrying about PvP, that’s a separate thing that you can take part in quite a lot later. I’m not even actually to that part yet (I’m level 19 so far), hopefully it won’t ruin the game for me when I get there.

If they quickly add more open world and story levels it would be a great long term game, as it is you get through that stuff a bit too fast right now (like almost every other mobile action MMORPG out there – not all but most).

Robert Mann

Mobile, PvP (no mention of what or how, so probably gank style,) and worst of all zombie focused (which is somehow so overdone and constant that it is worse than the others.) Hard pass initiated.

I wish those who do try it good luck, but this just has too many elements that push me away. Maybe somebody can tell us if any of the rest of it is worth a darn… but I’m guessing just standard stuff.


I haven’t encountered PvP yet and I’m level 18. So far there isn’t PvP on normal main maps you see everybody else on. There is some system for PvP that opens up later on with forts, but it looks to be completely optional.

It plays different and better than I thought it would. The world with lots of others running around stages is really cool. The only problem is, like most mobile games that cool awesome world and story content runs out way way too fast.

It’s a great base for a game and yet there just isn’t enough of the world there. I don’t know why companies keep doing this on mobile.

It even has a real story along with it all but again, it is too short right now.

Sadly there is a button to auto run through quests, though you fight much better if you take control (it just does base shooting, no skills or dodging) and in a lot of other modes there is no auto play, I wish it wasn’t there at all.

Still overall the game is actually pretty decent, the only problem is the lack of more world areas to back up the decent gameplay.

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Jack Pipsam

Saw it pop up on the Windows Store yesterday, saw it had MMO in the title but didn’t actual figure much of it. But i’ll give it a download, might as well see what’s up.

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Sure, why not! I need to spend more time poking around mobile games anyways.