Snag a Eudemons Online newbie pack in time for today’s Goddess update


I didn’t know much about Eudemons Online before the folks at reached out to us about this giveaway, but apparently this game has been around for half of forever and was one of the earliest MMOs to succeed in the free-to-play market in the west, with its anime stylings and isometric, almost Ultima Online-ish old-school flavor. Yeah, it’s one of those games I’d normally judge for the boob ads on the cover, but MMOHuts has a great video from way back in 2010 that actually shows off the real gameplay pretty well, so yep, there’s a real game under there.

Of course, that was 2010, and in 2018, the game is still getting updates, including the one live this week. Patch 2009, dubbed just Goddess, introduces four new dungeons, a new map, summonable servants, and the awakenable goddesses themselves. And if you’re in the mood to try the game out for the first time, you’ll want to take advantage of the free newbie pack the studio has set up for our readers.

Rather than hand us keys as was the original plan, now has a landing page up for our readers whereby you can sign up for the game, download it, log in, roll a toon, and find your pack in your inventory.

Register here for your newbie pack

Apparently, this works only for newish accounts rolled this month, so it’s clearly meant for new players. The pack includes a golden pegasus, a card for 2700 PP (it’s one of the in-game currencies strictly for bind-on-pickup items), and a level 71 super weapon. The event begins today and ends June 16th, 2018, so we’re assuming you won’t be able to grab the freebies after that.

This setup is unusual for our giveaways; clearly it’s a tracking link, and we’re not 100% sure whether you need to use this exact link to get the loot or whether they’re just checking out how many people we send over (or both). To be clear, we want to reiterate that this is not a sponsored giveaway (we don’t do those) and we don’t get anything out of this, but hey, you do, so good luck and have fun!

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