Crowfall shows off the features of its 5.6 build

And go.

The next big milestone build for Crowfall is patch 5.6, and it’s a big one. It has the first pass of the vassal system, for example, which is one of the major elements of the game. It has the first steps toward procedural world generation. It has a first pass for a skill revamp. It has a more dangerous world. It has a lot of stuff, in short, and you can get an idea of all the stuff that’s in it with the video overview of the patch contents.

Players will also have more character options even aside from skill revamps with the inclusion of the Fae along with male Wood Elves and High Elves. If you need a bit more detail, jump on below to check out the trailer to show off all of the things brought into the latest build, which is looking even closer to being a finished, playable title.


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Barnoc N'Draak

I really want to get excited about this game, but I am concerned about the way they are handling skills, particularly with some of the things I heard about the VIP system and early access without a wipe.

Kickstarter Donor

Every update I love this game even more… the changes in the last few point releases have been phenomenal