No, Bless Online’s naked pets are probably not going to make it to the west


As the effort to westernize Bless Online continues, Neowiz is facing one issue that is bringing out the snickering junior higher in all of its fans: monster nudity.

Players have noticed that at least in a few instances, there are creatures in the game that show partial or total nudity. These include a harpy pet, a fairy pet, and a spider woman mount. Chances are good, the Reddit community concludes, that these models are going to see visual changes when the MMO hits Steam early access on Wednesday.

The western version of Bless is rated T by the ESRB for violence and blood. Guess the studio took its critters to the mall for some clothes shopping. Goofy jokes aside, these changes raise the specter of censorship when it comes to localizing games to a specific market. Should Bless stick to its guns and put out the same version globally, or is this a smart move that gives the game a less extreme rating?

Source: Reddit. ThanksĀ Leiloni!
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