Blade and Soul throws the kitchen sink into next week’s patch

You know it’s a really good and meaty content patch when a studio can get more than two blog posts out of it. Blade and Soul’s Celestial Dawn fits that bill, because NCsoft is still talking about next week’s update, this time with a post on the big changes coming to various items and systems.

The Celestial Dawn update is goign to give players even more rewards from Nightfall Sanctuary’s hard difficulty bosses and improved the payouts from Celestial Basin activities. The crafting system got a balance and price pass and Zen Bean traders will be stocked with a “greater variety” of goods.

To help players tackle the bigger challenges of this patch, the legendary accessory augment system was born: “The new legendary accessory augment system allows you to tackle specific hard mode dungeons for a chance at Psyche items, which will allow you to further increase your legendary accessory power. Each dungeon has their own unique psyche related to the augment system, in addition to the battlefield traders having their own PvP-focused versions.”

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I wonder if the kitchen sink comes with realistic pricing on inventory and storage.


It makes sense. The bulk of these changes, including the other event, are making it easier for players to transition from their Tier 1 raiding gear to Tier 2. NCWest wants to ensure that those who now find themselves at the crossroads will step into a new raid and not throw up their hands and move on to another game because it is too damn grindy (industry term).

So, it will have a domino effect and everyone will get pulled up and along. But really, all par for the course as a new raid was just introduced with the final two bosses are dropping on the 20th.

Of much more interest is what happens next with leveling, the story, the introduction of a new class and awakened skill sets.

I’ve gotten a sneak peek at some of that and… well, there may have been a wistful little tear trailing down my cheek.