This week’s Shroud of the Avatar patch includes an R2-D2 lookalike in homage to Star Wars


Shroud of the Avatar’s release 56 is coming on Thursday, which means Portalarium’s latest newsletter includes recaps of some of the content the team’s working on. Of note, that includes the first playable version of the Obsidian Trials, which is basically the game’s version of PvP: 10-minute matches with a battle royale-esque shrinking map and a special currency for PvP-themed emotes, titles, and consumbles.

The studio also gives a preview of the ongoing revamp of the newbie tutorials, though that won’t be fully complete until September’s update. “We are also removing the tutorial elements and having them be almost entirely focused on story,” the team says. “In the case of Solace Bridge this means rebuilding it which we are excited to show you progress on in this week’s update.”

But I can’t help it: My eye was drawn to the part of the newsletter where Shroud of the Avatar basically puts R2-D2 into the game in the form of “the cylinder automaton pet.” Yes, he goes live this week as part of the “Sky Navy” suite of items. I’m smitten.

“Where do you think you are going?” the studio quips. “That way is much too rocky!”

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Victor Didra

Poison and fire arrows!

Daggar blades and bow strings from Unicorn parts!


This game has a free trial, feel free to try it using that. Join the official discord if you do.

The game has its problems and is pretty rough, but the one thing I will say is it has the best damn community you will ever come across, and that by it self-makes the game worth playing, especially if you like the “MMO” feel of playing with other people and being part of a community.

Also not to mention once you get over the learning curve the game becomes insanely addicting.

Roger Melly

I am not sure why this game gets such a hard time . I tried it a while on its trial mode and it was OK , it wasn’t the best mmo I have ever played but it still was quite interesting .

While it’s not something I will rush out and buy I certainly would get it when its on sale for the right price ( ten dollars or less ) and give it another go .

Frank Kaiser

I am still waiting for the “story even more compelling than Ultimas IV-VII, create a virtual world more interactive than Ultima VII” in order to “adventure in an interactive world where their choices have consequences” as it is advertised on Kickstarter.

Also I am waiting for the game, Richard Garriott described in this video, saying: “With Shroud of the Avatar what I am hoping we can do is to create a story-driven solo player experience that hearkens back to somewhere between Ultimas IV and Ultima VII but that ALSO has the ability to play online”

Also I wonder why SotA suddenly is a MMORPG when on the Kickstarter website it says “Though Shroud of the Avatar won’t be a massively multiplayer online role playing game, it will be a multiplayer game.”

Yes, I can absolutely understand why people are mad at this game and at Portalarium.

Victor Didra

This ^^ Frank’s complaints, is why it gets such a hard time. Some people didn’t get exactly what their vision of the game was 5 years ago.

The big complaint that is actually legitimate is that the story didn’t turn out as great as it should have. This was acknowledged by the developers and they have said it’s a major focus for the next year. But the haters don’t care if it will get better later, they want the studio to burn down now. And they’ve been calling for it to happen for years so they are getting tired of waiting.

Meanwhile, most of the rest of the game is either solid or fantastic. We’ve got the best housing/deco system, a dynamic lighting systems that lets you really set up the lighting in your home and looks fantastic in the day/night cycles, you can import music, you can write books, build up a library, play chess, craft over 1000 items, be strictly a crafter, be strictly a miner/gatherer, be strictly an adventurer, or a combo of all of them, run a store, be a farmer, and customize your combat experience to a huge extent.

But there are those who want to watch the game burn to the ground because it didn’t turn out exactly as they wanted. They want Portalarium to go out of business, more people lose their jobs, all of us who love the game to not be able to play anymore, all because they were disappointed by the single player story.

It is childish and mean.

It is also worth noting that of all the vocal critics only about 2 of them actually play the game.

Chris Spears

Frank, we say multiple times that it is selective multiplayer and open play mode will feel just like an MMO. That is on the initial KS page. I’ve seen that quote you have above before and it is from a FAQ on the page and out of context. Here is the full quote:

“Though Shroud of the Avatar won’t be a massively multiplayer online role playing game, it will be a multiplayer game. We will be describing this in more detail in our upcoming community blogs.”

Blog post #10, during the first half of the KS is where we clarified it. We said that it will feel just like an MMO but that we didn’t want to call it that because we didn’t know how many players we could handle together. Also, we say will feel just like an MMO on the front page and Richard’s own mission statement for it was “Multiplayer Online Game – which can also be played solo player / offline” right on the front page.

I normally don’t jump in on this stuff any more but out of context quoting stuff to make us look bad is kind of uncool so I thought it best to clarify. I just wish I get figure out why there are still a handful of people holding onto this argument for years and after we delivered exactly what Richard promised right on the front page of KS: “Multiplayer Online Game – which can also be played solo player / offline”

Your other complaints are your opinions and while I disagree, everyone is welcome to their own opinion. I’m just here to correct the factually inaccurate parts of your statements.

Songs for Children

I am not sure why this game gets such a hard time .

The graphics are very dated, the sound is underwhelming (where are the voices?) the gameplay only barely resembles what was promised, and the fundraising methods were/are sketchy.

Kelley Sims

I find amusing how many people on a game they never play :) yea, we know, any game that isnt a wow clone must be hated cause you have to use your brain to play it, which leaves most of ya all haters incapable of playing, cause you cant beat it with a debit card like you can eve online

Songs for Children

How did you afford all the straw for that massive strawman? Lol.

Caleb Cranson

Once again, this is more focus on “fluff” than putting the time into what needs to be fixed: bugs, optimization and broken quests. The scariest part to me, is the fact that they don’t even focus on finishing the incomplete aspects of Episode 1, rather pushing Episode 2 in an effort to beg for more dollars in what I can only view as a digital ponzi scheme!

Kickstarter Donor

So glad I stayed away from this one.

Bryan Turner

JC I thought I was looking at a SWTOR article until after I clicked it, I feel foolish now as if Sacha Baron Cohen tricked me on his new show ;D

Ah well, I’m skimming articles while listening to GW2’s Tea Time with Mighty Teapot/Derior/MMOinks/RPGAlex.


‘guys… please play our game. look, we know pop culture too. guys? remember we added a meteor too like fortnite! guys?’