The Daily Grind: Are you actually using Steam’s new chat and group features?


Last week, Steam pushed live the changes to its social features it first announced back in June. As we wrote at the time, its claim to fame was a significantly overhauled group discussion system, which surely not coincidentally looks an awful lot like Discord, complete with the new voice chat.

A guildie of mine and I gave the new stuff a spin last week, and while it’s nice enough, we couldn’t see a good reason to switch away from what we use, which is Slack, chiefly for security (and the fact that many of us already used Slack for work). Without Slack, we’d use Discord like so many other gamers. Steam’s new tools still seem a tad clunky, and the lack of persistent chat when you log in seemed like a deal-breaker.

I have to wonder whether we’re alone. Are you using Steam’s new community chat features? And if not, what do your MMO guilds use?

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