Trove is back online after major economy exploit; Trion to offer compensation, ban perpetrators

If this went away, I would be pissed.
Trion’s voxelbox¬†Trove was down most of yesterday thanks to what screenshots clearly identified as a massive duping exploit that positively trashed the game’s economy overnight. Bonus, I got the fun task of explaining to my young kid why his favorite game was down (this is why we can’t have nice things, etc.).

At the crack of dawn today, Trion finally got the PC servers back online after what appears to be extensive clean-up of the game’s economy and the accounts participating in the exploit. In the current build of the game, Megaflux Tanks have been all but disabled on multiple fronts, and tradeable versions of lootboxes have been stalled too.

“We agree that this was a rotten and awful event, but unfortunately not something that we could have predicted or tested for,” Trion says. And no rollback is happening: “We appreciate [player] feedback on the concept of server rollbacks, but we will not be doing this for this issue.”

Trion promised yesterday that it would compensate players for the downtime; today’s message says the devs will be working out just what we’re getting when they wake up. They can probably use the sleep after this mess.¬†As for the miscreants?

“We will be permanently banning the very small number of players at the core of this exploit and the Customer Service team is currently going through to clean up the ill gotten gains. For 99.999% of Trove players the only direct impact you’ll experience is how long we’re offline.”

Source: Official site. Cheers, Tanek!
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