World of Warcraft buffs Feral Druids, uncovers secret demon goat pet


Feral Druids are enjoying a round of hearty buffs this week in World of Warcraft.

A hotfix yesterday increased the damage of several skills for fuzzy players and allowed Berserk to persist through shapeshifting. Blizzard said that it’s prepping another hotfix that will “widen the power gap a bit” between players at levels 110 and 120. This is being done due to problems with PvP not being as balanced as it should.

The secret-dredging community has discovered a hidden pet in the new expansion named Baa’l. This demonic goat requires a 14-step chain to get that culminates with an epic pet battle.

And if you’re looking to be easily amused, check out the following parody of Battle for Azeroth’s opening cinematic by Carbot Animations.

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