Star Citizen rolls out the Mercury Star Runner concept ship during Gamescom


Happy Friday. Star Citizen has a new concept ship.

The Mercury Star Runner has an adorable name, a snowspeeder profile, and a fat pricetag: $200 to $530, depending on your payment and insurance options and whether you just buy the ship or bump it up to the Smuggler Pack warbond, which includes some other ships and lifetime insurance. Do note that you won’t be able to check out the ship if you’re not a backer yet, but our tipster helpfully provided screenies, which we’ll tuck down below.

You can also play CIG’s new minigame to pick up a skin for the new ship; just follow the forum clues if you’re so inclined.

Meanwhile, this week’s Around the Verse recaps CIG’s efforts on user interface tools, NPC mission givers, mobiGlas contracts, transit stations and rest stops, VOIP and FOIP transmission, elevators, and instability and resistance calculations.

“As we’re adding more and more locations and Stanton’s getting bigger and bigger, to have to go back and update every single mission every time you add a new location is very time clostly,” CIG’s Will Weissbaum says. “So we’ve been going back and working together to retrofit stuff so it works off a system that can be automatically updated through tagging.”

Source: Official site, Relay, new ship. With huge thanks to DK!
Now the ship’s been posted for everyone:

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