Check out a short documentary on designing armor in Star Wars: The Old Republic

Gotta protect that shoulder.
There’s a certain look required to make Star Wars: The Old Republic characters come to life. It has to be memorable, yes, but it also has to make sense in the context of the universe (an NPC can’t strut around in bunny ears and a polyester lounge lizard suit) while also not looking like it comes directly from the movies taking place 3000-odd-years later. For those curious about how this is assembled, Swtorista has put together a short documentary on the process of designing armor for the game.

While the documentary is only 12 minutes long, it covers aspects like designing for NPCs to reflect their values (complete with feedback and interactions with the writing team) as well as drawing inspiration from outside sources and collecting feedback. It’s not as simple as just pulling together pieces from an existing template, either; there are always new elements to consider and an overall aesthetic to keep congruous. Check out the whole thing just below for a look at what goes into keeping your Jedi in setting-appropriate gear instead of hot pink overalls.

Source: YouTube; thanks to Swtorista for the tip!
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