Path of Exile delves deep with this weekend’s content update

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Say farewell to your friends and family because this weekend you are going to be delving deep into Path of Exile — and you may never return.

Content Update 3.4 is coming this weekend, bringing with it the new Delve challenge league. In this mode, players will descend through the infinite depths of the Azurite Mine while utilizing special light source that will push back against the dangerous darkness.

“The deeper you go, the more dangerous and fierce both the darkness, and the monsters that inhabit it, become,” Grinding Gear said. “How deep can you go?”

In addition to the dungeon crawl, the patch includes several additional skill gems, 26 new unique items, eight divination cards, more light tech, and better water graphics.

Source: Patch notes

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This may be the most interesting league yet. Sucks that this comes at a time in my life where I can’t really play because I’m too busy for a “serious” game.