Destiny 2’s 2.0 update paves the way for Destiny 2: Forsaken

ExPLOsions! Overpowerin'
There’s no formatting wherein the Destiny 2 2.0 update doesn’t look kind of messy. Those numbers should not follow one another like that. But the important thing here is that it serves as the pre-patch for Destiny 2: Forsaken, so players can enjoy all of the system-wide updates for the game ahead of the actual expansion arriving. And oh boy, are there ever changes in the big expansive set of patch notes.

Changes include the ability to slot Kinetic or Energy weapons in primary weapon slots, improvements to primary weapons coupled with a decrease in special weapon potency, and several balance tweaks for perks. Players will also notice changes to strike lists and the like, as well as raids now sporting a limited revival time for teammates and individual tokens used for the revival. Read up on the full set of changes in the exhaustive patch notes, and get used to them now; when the actual expansion arrives, you’ll want to be ready.

Not coincidentally, Destiny 2 is currently among PlayStation’s freebie games, so snap that up while you can if you have the Plus membership.

Source: Official Site. Cheers, Steve!

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Danny Smith

FYI for what appears to be stunning desperation at low expansion preorders on a platform that payed big for timed exclusivity content. Don’t be prepared to pick up the ‘free’ PS+ edition and jump in with everyone else.
You will need to buy a season pass for last years dlcs, yes those really bad ones, then buy Forsaken but if you want everything thats coming with it you also need to buy ANOTHER season pass because they are locking in expansion content behind a season pass unrelated to future dlcs coming after the expansion which will no doubt come with their own season pass or straight up price tag.

Compounding this D2 has had multiple instances where new dlc has locked players out of existing content in the base game they paid for already. Hopefully they avoid it and learn their lesson but this has not been a trait Bungie has shown they have even after a solid year of “we are listening and will work hard in future” pr bunkum.

Effectively this isn’t just like back in the day where your friends say jump into wow but you find out that brown box needs 3 or 4 paid content updates to be able to reach them but in terms of quality this is like opening that box to find its SWTOR 1.0 as well.

By all means pick it up but be prepared for a “if you want to play with anyone be prepared to put more than the retail cost down in dlc” -until the rerelease a GOTY edition because their contract with activision is void if they dont put out a physical release for the game once per year of course- point is go in sceptical as fug. They don’t give a game away free this soon because its a great game doing well.


For some reason, I’m getting a odd feeling when reading comments for this D2 expansion across sites. I’d swear there are many positive comments which just seem a bit too composed and, ummm, markety? Hmmm…

The Weeb formerly known as Sray
The Weeb formerly known as Sray

That type of stuff definitely does happen, but to a large extent the expansion rolls back the clock to making the game more like the first, which has many people excited about it. A lot of the “hate” that’s been circulating is more the result of the audience wanting the first game to continue rather than be replaced. This 2.0 version seems to be the best of both worlds to many.

Personally, I’m on the opposite track: I was mostly happy with D2 prior to the Warmind DLC when the game took a gigantic dump on solo players like me. I hope that game manages to pivot back towards accessibility and inclusivity, but the crowd they seem to be chasing isn’t known for being very accepting of accessibility and inclusivity.

Jack Kerras

I was very afraid of PvP being gross and bad with the TTK so low.

It’s not. It’s the best it’s ever been, and it’s the Wild West thanks to brand new meta right now. Only gonna get worse when the pool floods with bazillions of new random-roll guns.

And armor! Armor with stats that MATTER! Choose between ‘carry more Sidearm ammo’ and ‘get more Primary ammo drops’, then also choose between ‘Don’t flinch when aiming Fusions’ and ‘Don’t flinch when aiming Linear Fusions’.

…I got a piece of armor with TEMP in the shader icon and new stats/new stuff on it from a Powerful engram this week. A friend of mine got a bow.

Also, the Powerful-advancement-only deal is going out the fucking window, thank heavens.

Highly-specific, armor-attached stuff, with a mod slot for adding -your own mod-, of which a wide variety exist.

I’m excited about Destiny for the first time in a loooong time.