Legends of Aria plays around with permadeath during today’s event


You might recall that one of the original tenants of Shards Online — now Legends of Aria — was the ability for players to create special ruleset servers to fit their own vision. It seems as though this idea isn’t completely dead because the team is testing out an alternate ruleset in a special test today. Oh, and it’s all about permadeath.

“We’ve seen people talking for years about how the ultimate in committed PVP is permadeath,” the studio said. “If your character dies, it stays dead. (This is why supporting independent developers is such a rush — who else is going to try such a thing?) We think we’ve come up with something that makes it compelling and fun.”

Legends of Aria’s idea of permadeath is a bit more nuanced than “once dead, forever dead.” For starters, PvE deaths don’t count. And even in PvP, it’s going to take some work to fully kill you, since you have a slowly regenerating pool of “Savior Points” that can keep you from joining the permadeceased. Be warned: Those points may not be enough to stop arbitrary executions by other players, which is also a thing (although this will take away a chunk of SP from the executioner).

The event begins at 2 p.m. EDT today – just as this post goes live – and even if you can’t play, you can watch along at home thanks to the magic of Twitch.

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