Trion Worlds rebuts staffing rumors, confirms RIFT is not in maintenance mode

We may also not be in Telara, either.

We received a concerning tip today claiming MMORPG company Trion Worlds was forcing employees into paid time off ahead of some sort of September crisis, but Trion has now reassured Massively OP directly that the PTO is merely an “administrative” issue and does not portend anything dire for the health of the company and its staff.

“As revealed internally, we are making some changes to our PTO structure,” a Trion representative told us. “We have made the call as a company to change to a Flex PTO system, which is increasingly common in the tech and gaming industries. In the transition between the two plans, there will be some paid time off being taken. Department heads are working with their teams to keep impact on projects and games at a minimum.”

As gamers will recall, while Trion did suffer layoffs this summer, it has already discussed wide-ranging plans for ArcheAge’s next update as well as Trove’s future expansions and the company’s publishing ambitions. Thanks to The Ghar Station’s Gamescom interview, we also know that the company has vigorously denied insinuations that RIFT is in “maintenance mode.” Trion told the fansite that the team has “long-term plans in place for future content” and won’t be holding back expansion-level features for months when it could push them out when ready. Expect new events and resurrected content as well.

With thanks to our tipster and to Trion for its response.

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