Conan Exiles adds in new feeding preferences and map navigation in testing

Fine, you got it, no more Fancy Feast.

So, are you a good pet owner or a bad one in Conan Exiles? You will have both options available to you. On the one hand, every pet will have a particular food of choice, and offering that specific food will provide the pet in question with a buff. On the other hand, you also can just feed the pet whatever you want and it will still eat to avoid decay, hence why you have the option rather than the imperative.

Players can also look forward to an improved map with a grid layout making it easier to find your friends and head toward them. (Or away from them, we suppose, if you don’t like your friends.) That’s on top of improvements to the event log being tested now. Check out the latest newsletter to get a sense of all the changes being tested and refined for the game’s next major update.

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