Astroneer launches the crafting update with all the crafting you could ask for


You have to add a lot of crafting to call a patch “the crafting update,” but Astroneer is up to that challenge. The update in question doesn’t just add a lot of new resources (but it does add those) or a bunch of new items to craft (it adds those too); it also reforms the entire crafting progression for the game, starting with the existing pattern of digging up and smelting or refining resources before moving on to automated extraction.

The automated process is meant to ensure that you have common resources available while you search for rarer ones, moving on from there to compositing resources and pulling out atmospheric resources. It’s enough to overwhelm the less craft-minded, but if you carefully read through the patch notes you’ll be sure to figure it out. Put it all together, you might say. Yes, you even have to craft your understanding. It’s the crafting update.


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I’ve had this on my steam wish list for a long time. Perhaps I need to treat myself.

Nynja Squirrelle

I can honestly recommend it, and it’s even more fun if you play with a friend.

David Goodman

I recommend it as well, if that helps :) Firing it up now after seeing about this update

IronSalamander8 .

Very cool! The core game is solid but felt like you hit the cap on what you can make far too early so it lacked longevity. This looks to address that in a big way.