Defiance 2050 interview discusses changes from original game and what’s in store for the future


In a new interview video posted by the folks at NVidia, host Julian Huguet talks with Defiance 2050 game designer Andrew Sheetz about what players can expect from the reboot of Trion’s sci-fi shooter MMO, which officially launched a couple of months ago. Sheetz gives a run-down of the game’s premise for the uninitiated before discussing how the reboot differs from the original launch, saying that what the devs really wanted to focus on in Defiance 2050 was providing “more player agency in their customization.”

In order to do so, the devs have implemented the new enhancement system, which allows players to customize their weapons “to a crazy amount of detail,” as well as a new class system, which currently features four starter classes — Assault, Assassin, Combat Medic, and Guardian — as well as one premium class, the Demolitionist, which is “focused on explosions,” as any good Demolitionist should be. Sheetz closes the interview by teasing what players will see in the next content update of Defiance 2050, which will bring in a rare new enemy type that players will have to hunt down to find out what they’re doing here on Earth. For all the details, check out the full interview video after the cut.

Source: YouTube via Twitter
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