Aion shows off the new area of Lakrum arriving in Awakened Legacy


The next major adventure in Aion will bring players to Lakrum, a heretofore undiscovered land that also happens to be hosting sites of great power. Case in point, the fortress at the north end of the island, which is a strategic location on a powerful region that will thus be contested by everyone with a stake in getting power. As such, players should expect their journeys from level 75 to 80 in the area to be fraught with both allies and enemies. Par for the course, in other words.

Players can also get a peek at the new Primeth’s Forge and Qubrinerk’s Cube Workshop dungeons, with the former requiring a group of six players and the latter serving as a solo dive. They’re both meant for players at level 80, which means you’ll be quite familiar with Lakrum by the time you jump in. If you’d prefer reading about the regions you’ll be exploring before you actually go, check out the official preview now; just don’t be surprised when there’s some resistance to the fact that player characters are kind of warring over stuff that was fine before.

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