Albion Online changes up the rules for guild warfare


The drums of war in Albion Online beat for October 10th, when the Season 4 PvP patch arrives and everything you never knew about guilds and alliances… will change.

OK, that’s being overly dramatic. Obviously, much will remain the same, but Albion’s team is preparing the community for some key changes as to how guilds and guild warfare works. The biggest of these is a limitation on how often you can join new guilds or alliances. Pretty warhorses and additional choke points are also slated to arrive for the patch.

“The ability to jump from guild to guild with no penalty helps larger guilds maintain their holds on territories and contributes to stagnation of GvG seasons by maintaining the status quo,” said Sandbox Interactive. “As such, we’re introducing it during this early phase of Season 4 to shake up GvG combat, keep the season interesting, and put smaller and newer guilds on more even footing with larger and more established ones.”


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