Final Fantasy XI’s October update finally addresses Besieged issues

Final Fantasy XI’s October update finally addresses Besieged issues

The launch of Final Fantasy XI’s third expansion, Treasures of Aht Urhgan, took place in 2006. Part of the launch was the inclusion of Besieged, the large-scale event in which beast tribes invade the city and players must fight them off. And ever since then, there has been one reliable issue: The invading tribes spend an awful lot of time standing around and not actually advancing, something that people were joking about back in… yes, 2006. Say goodbye to that issue because FFXI’s October version update plans to actually fix that!

The goal here is to polish Besieged up along with updates to other content, like a new version of Sinister Reign allowing you to specifically choose your enemies and more control over which Vagary battles players encounter. There are also the usual monthly additions to Ambuscade, as always. It’s not going to necessarily create new interest in Besieged (after all, it’s been in the game for quite some time now), but it should mean those still fighting back against the invaders have a more lively experience.

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