Lord of the Rings Online had to disable more content for fixes – this time it’s Harvestmath Festival quests


It just has not been Standing Stone’s week, at least where Lord of the Rings Online is concerned. First it had to fully disable the update 23 Grey Mountains instance cluster to fix bugs. Then it had to delay the Harvestmath festival. Then on Wednesday, it got the festival and the dungeons online (yay!), but now today, some of the Harvestmath content has been taken down temporarily for fixes.

“We are temporarily disabling the weekly Harvestmath Festival quest called A Bountiful Harvest, along with disabling A Fortune of Harvest Spirit, while we work to correct an issue with objective completion,” LOTRO Community Manager Cordovan writes. “However, we expect these quests to return soon, and we will be adjusting the completion rate of these quests to account for their temporary closure, and all rewards will be available to earn. NOTE: The daily quest A Spirited Harvest remains active and able to be completed.”

We checked out some of the game’s Halloween fun last night on stream, so maybe that’ll tide you over while you wait for the fixes.


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It has not been that bad a week for SSG, I suspect. Bug patches after a major update are pretty common, just not usually not reported much on. Bree can only report on what information is being pass on to her. We still love you.

The new Black Book Epic quest is sooooo very awesome. The new content in the Harvest festival is fun. Loot drops have been tuned upward in the new instances. The Shire is very beautiful. There is a log to do in LOTRO right now.

SSG has been very responsive to making adjustments and fixing bugs. You can tell they love what they do.

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Tobasco da Gama

These are just the “meta-quests” that give bonuses for doing X number of other quests, right?

I did the new Bingo Boffin Harvestmath Quest that takes you to Wistmead last night, and I didn’t have any trouble with it. Very lovely new quest, too!

Maggie May

Seemed bugged to me, could not find the hobbit next to the tables for the life of me. Back at the hill, the empty tub for bobbing was also nowhere to be found …