MapleStory 2 thanks players for more success while adjusting scaling mechanics

Well, someone's having fun!

Things are working out all right for MapleStory 2 on a whole right now. The latest producer’s letter notes that even as the game moves into its second post-launch week, the game is showing good concurrent players and solid performance. That’s why the game is extending its dungeon loot event and also kicking off another celebration event, with daily logins awarding 200 red merets and everyone getting a free +8 enchant scroll just for logging in. (The latter item is only awarded once, so be fairly warned.)

That’s not to say the game is flawless, of course; the team has determined that damage scaling for higher-level players was out of control, so level 50+ players in level 50 content will see their damage scaled back up the keep things fair and enjoyable. There’s also work underway to make sure that classes with a greater reliance on passive buffs less crippled by the scaling mechanics. However, the game does already have its next major content update in the works, so while you might be struggling a little when you scale back down, you won’t lack for things to do any time soon.