Old School RuneScape has officially launched on mobile today

Skeleton bows.

Is RuneScape a mainstream PC MMORPG? Even as big as it is, I might not have applied that moniker before, but Jagex has done so in its press release, declaring that “Old School RuneScape has today become the first mainstream PC MMORPG to launch in full on iOS and Android devices.” There are, of course, plenty of other MMORPGs on mobile too, but very few actually allow full crossplatform play, a point of contention among mobile MMOs, clearly. Today, the RuneScape throwback joins them, believing itself the first “mainstream” game to transfer its sub to mobile.

On second thought, that’s a weird thing to call FIRST on.

“The game’s much-anticipated arrival on mobile stores will fulfil over one million pre-orders or pre-registrations for the game placed by mobile gamers in its build to launch. In addition, a further million mobile gamers are already enjoying Old School on Android, following its Members’ Beta and soft launch over the summer.”

In more sobering news, Newsweek (!) has a detailed piece out on yet another developing scandal in the RuneScape community; a popular Old School RuneScape streamer has been accused by four different women of various infractions ranging from rape and sexual assault to spying and harassment. “All I have to say is, basically, these allegations against me, they are not true,” the streamer, Brandon “Black” Abrams, has told viewers. “And any further questions can be answered by my legal counsel.”

Apparently, Jagex’s October 10th statement about terminating its relationship with specific content creators also referred to this streamer, not just to the other streamer investigated for RuneFest misconduct earlier this month.

Source: Press release, Newsweek
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