Surprise! Shroud of the Avatar is now officially free-to-play

All according to keikaku or something

Have you taken advantage of the fact that Shroud of the Avatar has gone free-to-play yet? Or are you staring at that with some confusion because you didn’t realize the game was officially free-to-play before now? Either answer is right; while the last set of patch notes mentioned improvements to the “free player” experience, it’s only this week that press releases have been sent out confirming that Portalarium is now officially calling the game free-to-play.

The aforementioned patch focused on a more positive new player experience that clearly helps to smooth the experience of free players, along with removing restrictions on land ownership and story progression. It is a bit odd, however, that so little would be said about the “transition” to free-to-play until after it had happened and no one had noticed it (aside from some of our savvy commenters). The game’s Steam charts may illustrate some of the reason behind the shift, though (keeping in mind, of course, that Steam does not list all of the game’s players).

Source: Portalarium press release
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