EverQuest begins Burning Lands expansion preorders, EverQuest II previews Chaos Descending’s Plane of Earth


Fall is always the best time of the year for the EverQuest franchise – it’s expansion season. Over in classic EverQuest, pre-orders for The Burning Lands expansion have now gone live, and don’t be thinking it’ll be a cheap buy just because the game is nearly 20 years old. While the standard edition is $34.99, the higher-tier packages run all the way up to $139.99 and include gobs of extra mounts, consumables, teleports, and minipets.

Notably, the box also includes all of the previous expansion content too, so consider the latest expansion a catch-up too. The real deal launches December 11th.

Meanwhile, EverQuest II is continuing previews of its own Chaos Descending, which is due to launch on November 13th. So far, Daybreak has showed off the Planes of Knowledge and Fire; this week, it’s teasing the Plane of Earth.

“The Plane of Earth is ruled over by a council of beings known as the Rathe. Their appearances are nearly identical, with bark-like flesh and robes of living foliage. They are the consciousness and pure embodiment of the primal element. The plane itself is one living entity, comprised of soil and plants, and teeming with life that are extensions of it, consisting mostly of powerful earth elementals and sentient flora. Take care, for what may sound idyllic, the Plane of Earth is no walk in the park! Whether met with teeth, vine, or stone, invaders of this celestial realm have met a varied, but equally mortal end.”

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I just want Everquest 3….I fear I won’t see it in my life time and that is a depressing thought =[

Mick the Barbarian

25 expansions for EQ? I tried going back and I didn’t last more tyhan a few hours. How do people manage it?

Kickstarter Donor

It’s easy if you never left. If you’re one of the people who left around the PoP era, trying to go back and deal with 20 expansions worth of content and changes…yeah, that’d be really hard to manage.

Progression servers are enjoyable enough, since the content is limited and they’re close enough to era to be recognizable, but I tried rolling a fresh character on a regular server and had no clue what was going on. Couldn’t even start the game in a classic newbie zone =/