Bless Online’s Ruins of Shaqqara update will increase level cap to 50, add new dungeon and new zones


It’s only been a little over a week since Bless Online’s rocky official launch from Early Access, but the game’s next major update is just around the corner, and it’s bringing a level cap increase, a new adventuring zone, a new dungeon, and more. The primary focus of the update, titled The Ruins of Shaqqara, is the level cap increase, bringing the max level from 45 to 50. Players will be able to progress through new zones, such as the Burning Desert and the titular Shaqqara, and complete new story and hunt quests on the path to level 50.

And once they get there, they’ll have an entirely new dungeon to conquer. Zeeto’s Laboratory is a five-man dungeon in the Forbidden Area of the Polluted Forest that players can enter once per day. “Inside, players will track down Zeeto himself and uncover the secret behind the underground laboratory,” says the official post. For overcoming the dungeon’s challenges, players will be rewarded with “Rare grade armor from the Aspiring weapon series, Hero grade armor from the Corrupted series, armorsmithing materials for the Corrupted series and Aspiring series, and crafting materials for the Legendary Mount Zeetatan.” The Ruins of Shaqqara is slated to go live next week on November 7th.

Source: Steam

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Bruno Brito

So, will MOP make a specific following for this?

I even got a name: “Shines Like Polished Manure”

Marko Zivkovic

No one cares about new content when game performance is crap.


Completely agree, what a joke of a game.