Elder Scrolls Online offers free membership trials, introduces new rewards for subscribers


If you’ve been eyeballing an Elder Scrolls Online Plus membership but aren’t sure that you want to shell out the cash for it just yet, then perhaps next week’s ESO Plus Bonus Event will help you make up your mind. From November 15th until November 21st, Zenimax will be giving all players ESO Plus membership status, granting them all of the associated advantages, such as access to all of the game’s DLC to date, including the recently released Murkmire expansion. The free trial period also happens to coincide with the game’s Clockwork City Celebration Event, through which players can earn Event Tickets and an Indrik Feather to put toward unlocking the unique Indrik mount.

The event also brings some new treats for existing ESO Plus members. Starting on November 13th, subscribers will be able to joy an increased monthly crown stipend, which will now grant 1,650 crowns, up from the former 1,500. In addition to the extra crowns and other “membership-only features,” anytime between November 13th and December 6th, ESO Plus members will be able to claim a free Molag Bal statuette to display in their houses. After all, nothing says “home, sweet home,” like the Daedric Prince of domination and enslavement. For the full details on the ESO Plus Bonus event and instructions on how to claim your free trial membership, check out the announcement post on the game’s official site.

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