Elder Scrolls Online’s Clockwork City Celebration begins next week


Do you like clockwork? Do you like cities? And do you like celebrations? If you answered yes to those questions, then boy, does The Elder Scrolls Online have just the thing for you: This month, from November 15th until November 26th, ZeniMax Online Studios is hosting the Clockwork City Celebration, during which players can earn double rewards for select activities within the titular zone. For the duration of the event, players will receive double resources from crafting nodes, double rewards from completing daily quests, and double drops from world bosses, delve bosses, trial bosses, and quest bosses.

On top of that, during the event, players will once again have the opportunity to acquire Event Tickets that can be used to get the second of four Indrik Feathers needed to summon the exclusive Indrik mount. Players will receive two Event Tickets for the first daily quest they complete each day, and once they’ve gotten 10 of them, they can trade them in for the aforementioned Indrik Feather.

If you haven’t yet purchased the Clockwork City DLC, don’t fret: In addition to the fact that the Clockwork City Celebration event coincides with this month’s ESO Plus free trial, which grants all players a temporary membership — and therefore gives them access to all of the game’s DLC — the Clockwork City is also on sale in the ESO shop. The standard DLC pack is 30% off, available for 1,400 crowns, and the Clockwork City Collector’s Bundle is 40% off, available for 2,400 crowns. For the full event details, you can check out the official post on the game’s website.

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Oooooo, I like all three of those things!

Maggie May

Taking a break from eso and no longer a member but it might be a good time to log in, water the shrooms and let the cat out.

Kickstarter Donor

Time to at least log in and clear out my bags by tossing all the crafting materials I’ve harvested into the crafting bag!


I guess we better be on time?