Crowfall’s November ACE Q&A delves into monumental 5.8 update


November is looking to be a pretty big month for Crowfall. In addition to making a slew of recent improvements, such as the recently unveiled updated lobby, the game is also gearing up to launch its first full campaign.

But that’s only a small portion of what awaits players for the rest of the month, as ArtCraft Entertainment Design Lead Thomas Blair and Founder/Creative Director J. Todd Coleman have announced in the latest ACE Q&A video that the latest update, 5.8, is “wrapping up now” and is slated for release this month. And it’s a big one, too: The patch notes for the update currently span 11 pages.

Although the devs aren’t quite ready to announce everything that’s coming in 5.8, the Q&A video takes a look at some of the more significant changes. For one, the game is now running on Unity 2018, which should bring significant “graphics and stability improvements.” The new version also includes a slew of bug fixes and balance adjustments, which include removing the Druid double-healing-orb bug and remedying an issue with the Assassin’s toxin application allowing Assassins to make players essentially unhealable.

On top of that, the update will also expand the game’s character customization options and introduce some quality-of-life improvements, such as adding a new, more informative character stat panel and introducing a search option to the crafting interface. Blair and Coleman also tackle some more in-depth questions, such as whether the devs are considering splitting the Blacksmithing profession into separate Armorsmithing and Weaponsmithing skills (they’re not) and whether there are any plans to implement more active progression options (there are). For more details on all of this and more, you can check out the full Q&A video just below.

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Brown Jenkin

Character customization is a nice step, and I’m super-excited to see the first campaigns. Hopefully these changes (among the many others mentioned) will make Crowfall feel more “like a game” than its current pretty barebones testing environment. Lots of the bones of what is there are really good, but it is still hard to envision the game as a fully functioning thing.

Kickstarter Donor

Working in gamedev I can tell you that we feel the exact same way during development :) Some days it feels like… ugh how is this ever going to come together and be a game, but what happens is that once the core pillars are down everything starts coming together very rapidly. It can definitely be depressing, and some days feel like a slog, until you get to where all the components are coming together :)

Brown Jenkin

Yeah, it is one of the weird things about this latest trend in MMOs. Years ago we had the “play in beta” days, where folks saw “testing” just as a way to get in early to see what a game would be like. Now we’ve got the Kickstarter fueled “play in pre-alpha” days, where frankly you’re not really “playing” anything. Its a pretty strange development, particularly when testing stretches on for years rather than months.