Closers invites players to go to hell with its newest update


It’s been a whirlwind tour for Closers, but with its newest update, the developers want you to go to hell. Contamination Hell, specifically; it’s a new area filled with new challenges, with several versions limited to a single entry per day. But it’s worth the effort to clear out that contamination, since the end result is a new level of transcendence for player arsenals up to Tier 5. Why, what did you think going to hell meant in context?

You can also advance Soma further than before with the addition of her Special Agent status and promotion, available from level 67. That means she’ll be better-suited to handling all of the challenges available in Contamination Hell. On top of all that, the game has already started its Thanksgiving celebrations, so you can legitimately sit around a table with your fellow players and announce that you’re thankful to be going to hell. (Or just pick up celebration boxes for the holiday; you do you.)

Source: Steam
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