EverQuest previews the city of Mearatas in the upcoming Burning Lands expansion

Stone city.

Let’s get real here, the duende in The Burning Lands expansion for EverQuest are not happy to have mortals around. They certainly don’t want mortals running around in their city of Mearatas, which is sort of their place to go away from mortals. But you’re going to need to get in, because that’s how these expansions go, and since they aren’t actively trying to stop you odds are that they could use some mortal help. They’ll just be pissy about accepting it.

However, while they will grudgingly accept that you have a right to earn entry, they’re still keeping the doors locked when you arrive there. Fortunately for you, the efreeti have torn a hole open leading into the city, which seems like the sort of thing where you could clear out the hole to make them grateful and get into the city, doesn’t it? Check out the full preview of this gem-inspired city on the official site.

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