SteamCraft is a steampunk build-your-own-machine multiplayer shooter for 2019

SteamCraft is a steampunk build-your-own-machine multiplayer shooter for 2019

Steampunk aesthetics mean never having to ask why you have a steam-powered car with turrets on the sides and a gigantic Tesla coil sticking out from the hood. It looks cool and has rivets; that’s all the reason you need. So why not indulge with the upcoming SteamCraft, which literally lets you craft whatever sort of ridiculous contraption you can imagine as you roll through battlefields and shoot apart your opponents in the same absurd vehicles.

The multiplayer shooter (which the developers are dubbing a “session-based MMO shooter”) is boasting of 600 distinct components for construction along with 40 different weapons. It also promises that players will enjoy real-time physics-based destruction, so you can strategically destroy components of opposing vehicles or just enjoy well-modeled cartwheels of demolition. The game is planned for launch in February 2019, but you can check out the trailer just below to get a sense of what the title will look like in action. It’s being made by the same studio behind Next Day: Survival, so if you’ve played that game, it may help shape your expectations.

Source: Steam, Press release

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Looking at the image above (not even gonna bother with the trailer) this hardly looks like Steampunk at all…

This is a niche within a niche within a niche, with the cash shop and questionable art style, I don’t see it surviving more than 12 months.

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Mad Max version of Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts. With cash shop.


The concept sound interesting, lets hear more details sometime.
The video didn’t tell me anything at all though.

Castagere Shaikura

I bet its just another Crossout with just PVP and zero lore or story.