Identity rounds out its year with a patch about chairs

Look, chairs!

The team behind Identity is back to squashing bugs and making the game better after the holidays, and that starts with chairs, it seems. Seriously, the game’s latest patch is almost all about chairs and chair-related issues. Characters sinking into tall chairs? That’s been fixed. Chair pathfinding bugs? Fixed. There’s even a fix to object collision while placing housing items, which could presumably include some chairs. All chairs, all the time!

Players unwilling to accept only chair-related fixes will be happy to know that the patch also prevents moving around when not in the main instance to avoid griefing tricks that were getting people stuck. So that’s a good thing, and it should help satisfy anyone angry about a patch fixing chair issues. We’re not sure what would lead to a scenario wherein you’re angry about chair fixes, but… well, there’s something else there just the same.

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Mr Funktastic

The first thing that came to mind…


Sure nerf chairs when end tables or as OP as hell.


Second best chair related patch in the past nine months.

Hikari Kenzaki

To be fair, chairs are the thing that almost no game gets right. Good that they’re focusing on them now.

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What a complete hunk of trash.