Lost Ark announces the upcoming new continent of Rohendel in a new update

Leaving port.

We may not be playing Lost Ark in North America just yet, but the game is still humming along with updates during its open beta in its native South Korea, and that includes the brand-new continent of Rohendel. It’s big, it’s magical, and it features a new race with a name that appears to translate to “Bamboo.” Of course, it’s also a magical kingdom with various problems that player characters will be expected to solve, but what else would you expect?

You can also check out the in-universe preview of the update, which includes some rather… interesting translations in its midst. Pay special attention to the casual “well, I’m studying the magic of the devil” in there. It certainly looks interesting for fans, although we’ve still got to play the waiting game to see when we get to play the title natively. (Hopefully with no changes to that translation.)

Source: FreeMMOStation, MokokoArk; thanks to Alexkayl for the tip!
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