Elder Scrolls Legends is revealing Isle of Madness Friday as Chinese alpha begins


The Elder Scrolls Legends MMOTCG is getting a new content expansion called Isle of Madness! According to the announcement-of-an-announcement, Bethsoft will apparently be revealing more on Friday, but so far we know about some of the cards at the least.

I trooped over to Reddit (see what I do for you guys?!) to see if anyone’s datamined more, but it’s wall-to-wall memes about the Chinese alpha launch instead. Apparently the devs are being extra careful about tripping the censors over there, wiping out anything that might delay the game. Some folks have been comparing the cards side by side, but others are just poking fun.

Teasing aside, the Reddit actually seems pretty pleased with the movement overseas, citing a bigger playerbase and more popularity, which will hopefully lead to more updates and bigger tourneys. Guess we’ll see!

More censored cards form the Chinese version. Let’s play find the difference! from elderscrollslegends

Source: Twitter
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