The Daily Grind: Should ArenaNet be working on Guild Wars 3?

The Daily Grind: Should ArenaNet be working on Guild Wars 3?

Despite being a fairly healthy live MMO with plenty of good buzz, a strong following, and a steady (if slow) rollout of content patches and expansions, Guild Wars 2 isn’t as young as it used to be. In fact, the game is due to turn six years old this year, which firmly moves it into “maturing” territory.

As fans look to the future of the game and the franchise, the question has popped up more than once: Is ArenaNet working on Guild Wars 3? Should it be?

It’s an interesting question, because ArenaNet is currently 100% about the Guild Wars series and should be thinking about where it wants to take it. More expansions and living world content is expected, but should the studio be laying long-term plans for a new MMO to come out five or ten years from now? What do you think?

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James Crow


as vet GW1 i can say i didnt like GW2 but i dont think they need to make another sequel.

the engine is good and the problems with the game can be fixing just by adding more kind of content like:

1. bring back dungeons with story and some rewards.
-the fract are nice but its not have the same feeling as dungeons.

2. more places from GW1 – i think they going to make the next expansion about the shiverpeak maps.
-after that i want to see Cantha – Cantha could easly be the like a base for future expansions like they done with tyria.

3. more skills like we had in GW1 so we could make alot of diffrent builds.

4. bring some more nemesis from GW1:
i would like to see abadon, the lich king and shiro again.

5. make some change and bring back the trinity magic:
Healer,DPS and Tank – GW2 you can say the game have it but its not like we used to have.

6.and finaly some real endgame oldschool mmo thing:
-some new gear with better stats
-some cosmetic for each content (dungeons,raids,etc)

in GW2 you get your gear really fast and than its kind of borring because you dont see something to get (and sorry those legendry are not what im talking about.

so what im trying to say is make GW2 more like GW1 and some oldschool mmos on endgame aspect.


A new big-budget MMO makes zero sense for anyone, unless they think they can come up with something radically new that will reinvigorate the dying genre. Most of GW2’s “visionaries” left after Heart of Thorns when it became clear that Path of Fire was going to be far more restricted then “lets throw in every feature and the kitchen sink,” so I don’t believe they have the talent left to solve this problem that has stumped every other MMO company. Their only path forward is something in a different genre really and/or the mobile space.


I feel GW2 is still in a good place and the game has aged well over the years. I would much rather ANet work on a different IP than a GW3, I know they can pull off any genre if they wanted. I’ve worked with them in the past, if they wanted to make a looter shooter, moba, or arpg, they damn well could.

Hikari Kenzaki

Okay… so, the story is getting to the point where they could probably stand to move on like they did from GW1 to GW2 but, GW2 is still one of the best games out there mechanically (and Season 4… phew… this stuff is giving me chills.)

As for comments that it’s showing its age. Pish! It may not have a ultra-high rez 8k character creator (but most new games coming out don’t either), but it is still a frigging beautiful game.

Case in point:

Hikari Kenzaki


Hikari Kenzaki

And I should probably mention

Jay Hoff

They really should. i mean figuring out classes and such details is pointless, but something like the story, should definitely be getting planned now. they should be thinking about where the story “ends” in gw2 and thus how to get there already, but the devs should also be thinking about what that means for the world. how does that effect things 5-10-50-500 years later? this is what should be on the minds of the devs now in planning for the future. because this is what a next game would likely be. why not write the story and events of today with the intent that they become myth and legend in the future. I would love to be part of epic raids and boss fights and the general story line now, and then maybe read some of this as flavor text in gw3. see what happens after and between.

Ben Stone

As a huge GW1 fan who thinks they totally missed the mark with GW2 (aside from being pretty), yes I hope so.

Matt R

I’d rather them overhaul in small QoL chunks GW2 than work on GW3.

Patreon Donor

Yes. GW2 is still fine, but MMOs take the longest time to develop of all game types, so if they want GW3 to be close to ready when GW2 starts declining, they better start working on it.

Arsin Halfmoon

Love the charge icon lol

Bruno Brito

Isn’t that Savage Leap?

blah blazh

Personally I don’t think so. It still has a few years life in it.

But I would like to see ArenaNet diversify their game portifolio.

Nate Woodard

Let me precursor this by saying this, of course, is my opinion. I’d love to hear yours! It’s a bit of a long one.

I honestly don’t know if GW3 needs to happen just yet. Six months ago if you would have asked me this question, I would have said, absolutely. And I probably could have given you several reasons why GW2 needed to be more like original Guild Wars. Fact of the matter is, I simply didn’t want to let go of the stories of the original game. I can sort of equate it to the people that would rather play Classic WoW versus the current iteration. While WoW and GW are vastly dissimilar, I think they were designed in the same vein of each other.

I simply just do not like the current story in GW2 in all it’s iterations and I absolutely abhor their so called innovative living world. I hate the seasons. I hate the core living world story. I absolutely despise Heart of Thorns and, while I got on board ever so slightly with the story of Path of fire, we still had the God-awful living world questing system to deal with. While it was heaps better than the core system, it’s still terrible. I hate the renown hearts. I hate the way zone completion works. I even hate the way exploration works. I mean, should it even work at all? Typically, you explore different areas because you want to. Ugh.. I don’t know!!

Couple all of that with the tab target crap they call action combat and the lack of a customizeable UI and it’s really easy to see why I struggle with this game. However, I recently booted up the original Guild Wars and there’s a lot of things that it lacks.

For starters, it lacks a world. Instanced content is a necessity, but when that’s all there is, it can be a tad predictable and very boring. GW2 broke away from this and made the game all the better for it. I’m not saying what they did between the two is perfect, because it’s clearly not, but it’s far better than the other.

GW needed a crafting system. I’m not a crafter, by any means, but it needed a crafting system. It needed an official market to both buy and sell things. I had an experience just last night where I ran into an issue trying to buy items for chaos gloves. Clearly, like me during my time in GW, the person I was buying from had been dupped and was not willing to be dupped again which caused the transaction process to take ten minutes. It was ridiculous! And with a smaller playerbase and a completely over priced rare materials trader, it’s a small wonder that I even managed to find this guy to start with.

Mounts were a huge thing I wish they would have had from the start! I always hated not being able to get around on a mount in GW. Never did I ever want a mount more than I did when I first started in GW2. I thought it took way too long to get everywhere! We went from nothing to arguably the best mount system in any MMO I’ve ever played!

There’s clearly other things that I cannot think of currently because it was a long day at work, but all of this to be said, I think GW2 needs a redo. Some people love the game, some people hate it. Heck, I might be in the minority now where once I was in the majority with Guild Wars, but I’d love to see a quest oriented game not so heavily focused on dragons and what happens therein.

Like I said above, what are your thoughts?