Here’s what The Repopulation’s current owners are working on in 2019


At the tail end of 2018, The Repopulation actually saw some forward movement under its new owners at Idea Fabrik, with the launch of a major patch focused on the combat overhaul, performance issues, and rebuilds of two key areas, Ghetti Gorge and Plymouth Control Center. Now the studio is looking ahead to 2019.

“In this next development cycle we will be focused on three aspects of development across all teams,” the team writes. “This will include UI/UX and data cleanup, new inventory/container system and starter island build.”

Idea Fabrik is also planning a new set of forums and working on Rhyldan.

“During our work prototyping the island and new world areas we took note of areas in need of re-evaluation. Adjustments include the addition of sea areas and new geological features. We feel these additions will improve functionality as well as add a more real world and wild feel to some outlying areas. The main areas we wanted to focus on was increasing the spacing between the starter island and the main land. We want to make sure that players that are on the island are not affected adversely by any main land load, and vice versa. The small adjustments we made to the map will help ensure that both the mainland and the starter island has the best performance available and actually be part of the world.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Panagiotis!
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