Black Desert is heavily adjusting its battle royale mode based on player feedback in today’s patch

Black Desert’s had a wild winter already, with an expansion, new class, and battle royale mode rolling out in just the last few months. So maybe you’ll forgive Kakao for taking a week to dish out a ton of quality-of-life tweaks (and a few nerfs too) across multiple classes, items, world bosses, drops, and the UI. Even so, the biggest changes do come in the form of updates to Shadow Arena, which is still technically in early access; Kakao says it’s been taking player feedback into account.

  • “The Shadow Arena waiting area will no longer be called Marni’s Secret Isle (it will simply be called Shadow Arena).
  • There were overall adjustments to the balancing for skill damages. Skills which were relatively not used were enhanced, and skills which dealt excessive damage were reduced.
  • You may not notice a significant difference in certain circumstances since items have a more impact than skills in Shadow Arena.
  • Added a UI feature which always displays the AP and DP on the left side of the minimap in Shadow Arena.
  • The Wizard and Witch will now obtain Sage’s Memory instead of Speed Spell through the Unknown Skill Book.
  • Fixed the issue where you were able to enter more than 6 digits for the Private Room password.
  • Made improvements so that the Dark Fog can be more visible within the Map (M).
  • There will be a confirmation window when you select the “Leave” button while you are in a Shadow Arena match.
  • Fixed the issue where text would appear overlapped within the Shadow Arena stats window while at the Shadow Arena waiting area (formerly known as Marni’s Secret Isle)
  • When a duplicate login has been detected due to logging into the game while already logged in to Shadow Arena in the waiting area (Formerly called Marni’s Secret Isle), the game will properly display the Start UI after disconnecting.
  • You can now jump in the water by pressing the spacebar while you are a Black Spirit.
  • Fixed the issue where the Dark Knight’s sub-weapon AP would not be applied.
  • Fixed the issue where the name of the winner would be displayed when you leave Shadow Arena.
  • Fixed the issue where certain text was difficult to read due to being overlapped in Shadow Arena.
  • Fixed the issue where the remaining time would not be clearly visible in the Shadow Arena.
  • All languages will now display the option to select Solo or Party when creating/entering a private match.
  • Added a widget which briefly displays the item grades of all item parts when you equip an item.
  • We are aware of the issue where the remaining time of a match is not being displayed inside the Private Room UI in Shadow Arena.

Oh yeah, and they have cookies.

Source: Patch notes

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Toy Clown

I’m in the middle of a break since the returning player rewards are renewing. But on a side note, I was so excited to return for Dreighan, thinking I’d have lots of content to play through, only to blow through it in like 2-3 days of casual play, then scratch my head wondering where all the content was. It was easy to step away for that break this time!


Good ol’ BDO patch notes.

Pearl Abyss:
“Yea we adjusted some class balance in Shadow Arena. Feel it out. See what feels good. Play around with it. Get a good sense of the direction on things we may or may not have changed.”

Also Pearl Abyss:
“We changed the 4th pixel during the neck bending animation of the Warrior class during their default idle animation while specifically adjusting the Karlstein armor set to have 10 less pixel distance on it’s cape to avoid clipping issues during the Slashing the Dead attack animation.”

Patreon Donor

Their communications, translation and localization are awful.


Wow, reading that was painful (and no, not the MOP part ;) ). It’s been too long since I’ve tried to make sense of communication in this game ( and yet, not long enough!)