The Daily Grind: What do you want out of World of Warcraft’s next expansion?

I don't know why Blizzard gave us the reaction image for this.

It’s no secret that player engagement with World of Warcraft is down across the board, with even some of its most vocal supporters acknowledging the serious missteps that Blizzard made with Battle for Azeroth. Perhaps this year’s patch cycle will draw the faithful back in, but honestly? I’m not holding my breath. The game even lost me after three great years of consecutive play.

And even though we’re probably a year-and-a-half out until the next expansion, that’s where many eyes are turning in the hopes that Blizzard will be able to pull out of this downward trend. WoW expansions are always big deals, and when Blizzard most likely announces the next one at BlizzCon this year, it’s bound to get some buzz going.

But what announcement would really revitalize WoW? What could be the most amazing, most exciting, most hype-inducing expansion announcement the studio could make? Let us know your thoughts and see if you can’t change a mind or two over at Irvine!

Every morning, the Massively Overpowered writers team up with mascot Mo to ask MMORPG players pointed questions about the massively multiplayer online roleplaying genre. Grab a mug of your preferred beverage and take a stab at answering the question posed in today’s Daily Grind!

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Bruno Brito

Complete level pruning. Go to 60. Keep art quality but increase TTK, allow more character customization ( bring back talent trees with way more options, instead of those vanilla-like. A point system would be cool, kinda like DAOC had ). Focus more on the journey, we have enough destinations as it is. Break faction barrier, and create three factions for pvp purposes. Make FvFvF maps.

It’s easier to make another game. So, i don’t expect anything.

Person Dude

Be a buy to play and ditch the subscription. Then I’d probably play again. Even if the expansion is a bit crap I’m not investing money every month to find that out.


Stick a fork in em and turn them over. Blizz / Activision has lost touch with their player base, they are losing the final faithful followers because they just don’t listen. At this point they need to sell the ip to somebody that is willing to reboot WoW and take it to WoW 2.0.


I can’t come up with a single type of expansion that could excite me anymore. I’ve played since vanilla and it used to be that I pre-ordered every expansion, and went to midnight releases to stand in the queue to keep my friend company. But everything that got me into the game is kinda gone now.
Everything I want is things they’re not gonna bring back, like varied classes, buffs, totems and auras, class quests, talent trees etc. So the only thing I’m excited about is getting Classic servers.

But as for what I’m hoping for, for the next expansion… I just hope Ion gets his head out of his ass. Reliable rewards are a bad thing? Who has ever thought that? The RNG in BFA is fucking depressing. Whats the point in putting any effort in when you might not get anything for it?
Less forced rep grinds. Less forced World Quests. World Quests sounded like a great idea until I had them rammed down my throat for 2 expansions straight.
Want to get rep? World quests. Want to buy a pet from a vendor? World quests for pet charms. Want to level up your necklace so you can raid without a handicap? World quests. Want to send your troops on missions? Better do world quests for resources first. Dont want to do world quests? well I guess you’ll just have to make do without half of the “features” of this expansion, like flying.

Bfa is so painfully un-fun that it boggles the mind.


Southshore, class quests. Do Shamans have their totems back ? If not I want them.

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Ditch the forced scaling, bring back talent trees.

Launch the “Pristine servers” that were talked about, with no LFD/LFR/Phasing/CRZ.

Make the zones 3 times as big and stop pathing everything to death.

Add some sandbox elements.

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Jack Pipsam

No. Demons.

Dug From The Earth

I want an expansion thats developed by people who actually play the game as players do.

Im sure Blizzard put their heart into BFA, but nearly every decision they made for it screams, “We dont understand why our players want to play WoW!!!”

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To be fair, though, the WoW playerbase is varied enough that you’d need to ask “which players?” first. Except for with Azerite armor. I don’t think anyone likes that.

Andy McAdams
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Andy McAdams

This is an abridged version of my full list … but
– Swing the pendulum back towards sandbox on the themepark-sandbox continuum. Don’t go full fledged sandbox, but far enough to give meaningful choices in the game. At this point, you have more meaningful choices to make in Super Mario Brothers than you do in World of Warcraft.
– Make classes interesting again. Instead of sanitizing every class to the point of being virtually interchangeable without even any flavor or whatever the hell you called them, embrace the diversity and embrace the imbalance it creates.
– For the love of God remember there’s more to games than raiding — it should be ONE aspect among several to do end game. Not the only thing.
– Bring back meaningful play – seriously, f*ck the pseudo-lootbox style RNG mechanics and bring some predictability – a reward for consistency and dedication and (gasp!) effort in the game.
– You have a huge world that’s completely, utterly and totally ignored. Make the *whole* world matter again, not just the least corner of the sandbox
– You have great features discarded along the way because … ? Who the hell knows why you’ve abandoned so many features. Grow a feature, evolve it into something great. Don’t just make it and then toss it aside.

That’s probably enough to get us started.


Too much to be realistic. Namely I want to see the faction war shenanigans brought to an end and cross-faction play to become a thing – the population is dwindling, and at this point it’s time for the Horde/Alliance champions to work together.

I also want to see Titanforging gone, or at least have a token system similar to the Valor or w/e from WoD that lets us get guaranteed iLvl upgrades up to a cap; maybe make it a daily reward from Heroics so they have a purpose again. Allow professions to cover the tertiary stat + meta gem socket, i.e. Blacksmithing or Jewelcrafting can make tools to imprint a meta gem socket and Inscription/Enchanting can put on a tertiary stat.

Also if they aren’t going to make a fun-feeling alternate progression system, just scrap the whole thing and don’t dare try to introduce some new Azerite BS.

Finally, scrap the time-gated follower mission junk because this expansion’s version was so barebones that they might as well just get rid of it.

Basically I just want to see more control in the hands of the players over their destinies and progression paths, compared to Blizzard’s current “oh but no one likes predictable rewards” BS.

Dug From The Earth

Ditto for most of your ideas… all except for the faction war.

Thats like asking “I just want Star Wars to ditch the Rebels vs the Empire thing”. Its sorta the whole concept of the game universe/lore.

It would be more realistic however, if they moved to have you pick your faction, regardless of race. Why do orcs only get to be horde, and not alliance? 100% limitations like that simply dont exist in believable lore. There is always some that stray to the other side.

Make choosing your faction be based on ideals, not the color of skin. THAT would be seen as the lore progressing properly after all these years.


I totally get what you’re saying, but like…can you really imagine humans and dwarves and gnomes and such being in the Horde? It really doesn’t fit.

I guess now that I think about it, neither do most Horde races in the Alliance. Orcs literally invaded Azeroth, destroyed cities, thirst for blood and war, etc etc. I don’t really see them working out so well mingling outside the AH in Stormwind.

Bruno Brito

They don’t need to do that. You simply destroy some artificial barriers and make a 3-faction game. Way easier to balance.