Atlas plans to make the climb to the top less arduous for players

Sea what you did there.

The development team behind Atlas is happy with the influence that hardcore players and large companies have upon the game. That’s a core part of how the game is supposed to work. But at the same time, it’s supposed to be a part of how the game works, not the entirety of it. The latest update from the development team covers future plans about exactly that, with the statement that solo players, casual players, and smaller companies can all be made more relevant without reducing the importance of the top end.

Among the plans for further development are allowing piracy explorations at lower levels, making sure that solo players can log off with a sense of safety, and giving companies with large holdings some incentive to make those holdings more open and neutral. The team also outlines the next patch for late February, which includes new daily missions, a new submarine, and a new undersea environment. Check out the full dispatch for all of the plans rolling into the game over the near future.

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