Guild Wars 2 drops new short story about Rytlock following up All or Nothing


Remember a couple of years ago when Guild Wars 2’s narrative team introduced a lore series about the bespectackled Asura Vikki and her pink moa pet Momo? I kinda liked those. If you did too, then you’re going to dig what ArenaNet is up to this week, as it’s released the first of what will apparently be multiple short stories that begin in the wake of the game’s last living story episode, All or Nothing.

This first “requiem” features everyone’s favorite Charr, Rytlock Brimstone. Based on the other silhouettes, future stories will apparently focus on Caithe and Zafirah.

It should go without saying that the story includes some serious spoilers for the episode – in fact, the big spoiler is right there in the text on the first page – so bookmark it for later if you’re still working through. Otherwise, you can dig in right here.

Do note that ArenaNet has requested feedback on the format. Reddit is a bit torn; obviously some folks would rather have more in-game content, but I think this is cozy and old-school, so I’m not mad about it.


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Dragon Whimsy

I really enjoyed the story and getting some background we wouldn’t normally get in the main story. Apparently it was a passion side-project for one of the writers and so really wasn’t something we’d be getting in any other way.

I don’t get why anyone would complain. WoW has entire novels that don’t take place in the game (and GW2 has 3 of it’s own). This isn’t really any different. The player character can’t be everywhere and witness everything. Sometimes it’s good to see events from another perspective.

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I mean, I like it. Written word has its place and not every piece of story needs to be presented in-game, such as more involved character thoughts like this.

That said, there are some big story reveals in Rytlock’s story. I assume they’re not instrumental to the main story since otherwise I could see why this would be heavily critiqued.