Conan Exiles is replacing its messy old VOIP with Vivox


Players have been asking Funcom to fix voice chat in Conan Exiles pretty much since the day that it went in as a feature. Good news for you, then: The studio is finally fixing it! Well, actually more like replacing it outright.

“The biggest difference for players will be increased stability, improved audio quality (we can’t do anything about your microphone, though), and stereo sound,” Funcom writes in its latest dev blog. “The current version of in-game voice chat is peer-to-peer. When you use the in-game voice chat to talk to another person the game client will send the sound of your voice to everyone around your character. The new VOIP implementation uses a third party service called Vivox.”

Incidentally, Vivox just got bought up by Unity. Anyway, here’s how it works, according to Funcom.

“When using the new in-game voice chat, the sound of your voice is broadcast to a server at Vivox, where it’s mixed to the correct audio track and sent to the game clients. Vivox’ server places the audio on a correct track in relation to your character in the game. If the speaker is far away their voice will sound distant. If they’re standing to your right, the sound of their voice will mainly come from the right audio channel.”

In other Conan news, the game’s PS4 version got a hotfix last night that saw the addition of “anti-flooding tools to the game engine to work as a counter measure against certain exploits” as well as multiple bug and crash fixes.

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