Conan Exiles readies new content patch with a new boss, new Purges, and crash fixes


Turns out Conan Exiles is getting more than better voice chat, which ought to be music to the ears of fans who’ve been wondering where the heck the game’s updates have been. This week Funcom announced new content on the game’s testlive server – it ought to include “new types of Purge, a new world boss, [and] several balancing passes on NPCs and crafting costs.” Moreover, Funcom says, “Building should also be a bit easier as we’ve done several quality of life changes and fixes to the building system.” The new world boss turns out to be the Black Yeti.

“It can be found southeast of the volcano, and in the mountains north-northeast of the Mounds of the Dead. There are no legendary chests near these bosses, although when killed, it drops a key as other world bosses do. In addition, a new purge containing yetis and the Black Yeti as a purge boss can now spawn in the northern area of the map.”

Funcom also notes in its schedule that it’s aiming to deploy additional fixes for the unresponsive servers problem next week. “Due to us having to address issues with crashes on TestLive, a slight delay will be necessary. The move from the TestLive build to all live servers is currently planned for the second week of February.”

Source: Official site. Thanks, Kinya!
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