EVE Online’s Alliance Tournament is taking a hiatus for 2019


2019 is looking to be a year of big changes for EVE Online’s usual yearly events: On top of the Reykjavik Fanfest being replaced by an unorthodox World Tour, CCP has just announced that this year will be a year without an Alliance Tournament.

There are a few reasons behind the decision to put the Alliance Tournament on hiatus, according to the announcement. CCP says it wants to take a bit of a breather to “look at how [it] can better support competitive PvP and capsuleer tournaments in the future” and “reassess how [it] can support such endeavours on a bigger and better scale going forwards.”

The devs also say they “want to make sure [they’re] fully focused on improving quality of life in New Eden, working on balance concerns that have been highlighted by the community and delivering awesome new content.” And of course, the studio also has its hands full organizing and executing its ambitious World Tour, which will be getting underway next month with its first stop in Amsterdam.

But don’t worry too much — the announcement assures players that the Alliance Tournament (and Fanfest, for that matter) will return and that “there’s going to be ample opportunity for [players] to get involved in tournament style play at World Tour events,” where there will be “some sick prizes up for grabs for those who rise to be the victors.”

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Wilhelm!
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