Black Desert Online is in open beta on the Xbox One through February 17

Surprising no one, we have not pictured the thing we don't know about.

If you like your MMOs on consoles, your spirits black, your combat active, and your classes gender-locked, you should give Black Desert Online a whirl on Xbox One. And you can do that without any preamble now, as the game is in open beta now through February 17th ahead of its planned launch of March 4th. That means everyone can log in, play the game, and have fun smacking things around through Sunday.

If you have a lot of fun, of course, you can go ahead and pre-order the game for packages running between $29.99 and $99.99. There are also special and exclusive events running during the beta to earn cosmetic rewards for launch, so anyone who wants to look as pretty as possible when the console version launches will probably want to jump in. Check out the open beta trailer just below if you’ve missed it and prefer to have your excitement delivered in trailer form.

Source: Press release

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Alright! I’ll load it up. Let’s see how smoothly it plays on a standard Xbox One. Everything that I have seen in terms of screenshots and gameplay has been on a Pro. So, I’m expecting some hitches and glitches.

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I’m eager to see how the game has been optimized under MS’s scrutiny.

But not eager enough to buy an Xbox One.